Invest in YOU
What are you waiting for?


Invest in YOU
What are you waiting for?

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Life can be demanding! It pulls us in different directions with 'to-do lists' that only ever grow longer.

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We have created a hyperconnected world with 24/7 communications and we have become over committed and overwhelmed.

This constant rushing around can lead to stress, anxiety, poor dietary choices and consequently this impacts our health, our performance and our energy levels.

What if you could slow down? Switch off easily? Relax faster? Say "No" without feeling guilty? Find time for the things you love? Increase your energy? Improve your diet and exercise more?

If you could have all this, what would it mean to you? How would it make you feel? What impact would it have on your life?

My name is Penny Delve and I'm a transformational coach with a passion for Health and Wellbeing.

  • Have you had enough of feeling stressed and tired all the time?
  • Are you feeling overwhelmed by your life or your career?
  • Have you started to think,"is this it?" and feel stuck on auto pilot with no time for anything?
  • Are you regularly reaching for sugary snacks, caffeine, alcohol, fast food or ready meals/takeaways?
  • Have you got excess weight that you would like to shift?
  • Do you feel exhausted more than you feel energised?
  • Do you ever feel trapped by your schedule?
  • Are you finding it hard to get motivated to make the changes you so desperately need?
  • Or do you have goals that seem out of your reach because you simply don't know where to start?

I can help.

I will teach you how to slow down, create time, space and clarity to connect with who you truly are. I will guide you to find the answers so you can find joy, purpose and direction. With my support you will feel energised, motivated and empowered to achieve your goals and flourish in your life.

Penny Delve Holistic Coach
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A Different Way

Integrating Health & Wellness into Executive Coaching

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Do you prioritise your health and wellbeing?

As humans we are habitual creatures. 95% of our behaviour occurs out of habit either unconsciously or in reaction to external demands.

It can be a struggle to make changes that last or even get started at all. Often when the need for change is obvious and intentions are strong, the easy option is to give up.

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What do you do to take care of yourself?

Taking care of yourself needs to be a priority in today’s busy world to prevent symptoms such as fatigue, stress, overwhelm, burnout and the development of long term health conditions.

Many people want to be healthier and have visions of what life would be like if they were. Perhaps you have felt the same? Everyone knows they should maintain a healthy weight, improve their diet, reduce stress, feel more vibrant and find time to do the things they love. But knowing and doing are two different things.

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Do you want to achieve optimal health in your mind and body?

That is where Health and Wellness coaching comes in! Focusing primarily on physical AND emotional health, I assist you in identifying and implementing strategies to attain the life you desire.

When you become your best self, exceptional things can be achieved and the results will be limitless.

Work With Me

Move forward & change your life

My coaching is centred around Health and Wellness because I know if you get that right and take time to invest in you - it will infiltrate into everything in your life. You will notice positive changes in your career, your relationships, your confidence, your finances, your belief in yourself and of course, your ability to achieve your goals.

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I will SUPPORT you into taking action

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I will STRETCH your thinking so you can gain clarity on your goals and find direction

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I will offer ACCOUNTABILITY to motivate you to move forward

I Believe in You

Empowering, Holistic, Positive,
Supportive & Transformational.

My Story

I have always been very driven with a strong sense of self. I am very empathetic and in tune with people's energy. Emotional intelligence comes naturally to me and I am gregarious by nature. I am a very intuitive person who is very passionate about transformation and self-development.

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You Can Benefit From...

  • tick icon Clarity & Direction
  • tick icon Increased Energy
  • tick icon Feeling Motivated
  • tick icon Heightened Self Awareness
  • tick icon A Calmer Mind
  • tick icon Feeling in Control
  • tick icon Enhanced Productivity
  • tick icon A Sense of Purpose
  • tick icon Finding Joy
  • tick icon A Positive Mindset
  • tick icon Clearer Decision Making
  • tick icon Feeling Empowered
  • tick icon Personal Growth
  • tick icon Deeper Connection to Self
  • tick icon Fresh inspiration

Be Transformed & Thrive

What is Health & Wellness Coaching?

It is a process that facilitates healthy, sustainable, behaviour change by challenging you to identify your values and transform your goals into actions

Using the mantra, 'small hinges swing big doors,' programs are designed to enhance wellbeing using small steps to create big changes in both mind and body. Through a mixture of mindset work and different approaches to eating, moving, working and resting, you can start living your life with more energy, positivity and empowerment.

Results You Want

Through working with me, you will have a more optimistic outlook on life and I will help unlock your potential. Your decision making will become clearer and goals will be reached faster.

I believe everyone deserves to be happy in their mind, healthy in their body and do the things they love to nourish their soul and live a happy fulfilled life.

Happy Clients

"I can honestly say that my 90 day coaching programme has changed my mind-set completely, which in turn is changing my life."

"Penny's style of coaching is friendly and personal yet professionally reassuring.  When I was speaking to her I felt like I was talking to a friend who knew me well but also someone who had knowledge of the subjects and experience to guide me onwards."

"What I have learnt is invaluable and I believe that you effectively have all the answers to your own happiness, Penny just provides you with the encouragement and toolkit to access them."

"Before I did the coaching I was slightly apprehensive about whether a coach would be right for me, but Penny put me at ease immediately and I found her style very open and easy going. She's also very good at pushing you in such a supportive way that I often didn't realise she was dong it! I felt very empowered by the coaching and Penny was there for me each week to keep me on track of making change - which although were often small, had a big impact."

"The coaching helped me enormously with my mindset as it enabled me to make a step change in my career and volunteer myself to speak at a work event - it may sound like a small thing but it's something that I have been putting off for a long time and public speaking has caused me a lot of anxiety. With Penny's helped, I managed to push away the negative thoughts and visualise a successful outcome. And it worked!"

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